9 days in 27 photos

After a cancelled flight and a night on the airport floor, it all started in a sleepy town somewhere in the South of France

24 hours, 2 packed trains and no sleep later I was back on track in Barceloonoooa

Monday morning and the bus left for Andorra

2 more buses and morning in the mountains the train left from Toulouse

The Sun shone in Monaco

You’re noy allowed to do anything in Ventimiglia

I had an unexpected morning in Venice

Climbed to the top of San Marino (come on, keep up)

Danced in Rimini

and one week, one taxi, 10 trains and 6 buses later I conquered Rom Rome Roma

…and Finally, as planned I arrived in country No.7 the stunningly over-priced and full of Americans – Vatican city

I managed to take this photo, write a postcard and spend 4 Euro 50 on a coke before I had to go back to the hostel to sleep. My return flight was delayed and the bus home broke down in Hemel Hepstead.

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Well said




  1. TJB

    Evocative pictures all, but “Nutella” takes the biscuit.

  2. TJB

    Evocative pictures all, but “Nutella” takes the biscuit.

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