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3000 cups of tea later…

…I know you’ve all been dying to see it – behold the new patio!

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The bald guy holding this sign isn’t me – honest.


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Oxford students – a rare breed.

Hard at work on the London Road – Oxford.

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…and so we ‘ad another cup of tea and then we went ‘ome

A true believer in taking my chances while I can, I’ve been using my unemployed status as a ‘chance’ to re-patio our back yard. OK, I say ‘I’ but I mean me and my brother Tim. He’s been taking his holiday as that chance.

What started on Thursday as ‘Tim – d’ya think we could re-lay those loose slabs’ has turned into 5 days (and counting) of digging, lifting, moving and cutting.

Admittedly, like many of our DIY projects, we started with no idea what we were doing but thanks to google, the ‘paving expert’ and much trial and error we are now almost novice. I can also claim to be semi-competent at cutting things (including my finger) with an angle-grinder and Tim makes a mean ‘dry mix’. Power tools rock.

We’ve gone for a big circle design stuck half-way into the lawn and half-way into the existing patio which actually looks better than it sounds. I think a patio-party will be in order to celebrate it’s completion – whenever that is. Me and Tim can stand around looking proud while informing everyone that slabs and flags are actually the same thing and that Power Saws give fast, neat cuts but, some cuts will still need to be hand trimmed.

Otherwise all things here are nice and regular (read pretty much the same) except I have moved into my 41st bed since June and now occupy my own room!, well – it’s not mine but it is for now if you see what I mean? No? Oh, and I have just started to build my parents new computer – a welcome relief from heavy labour and a great chance to baffle people with new age cyber-babble 😉


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Stat Man John

Before I ditch for covertly adding a pop-up to my site I thought I’d steal a run down of my current site stats.

The following table shows total visitors by country of origin.

I’ve had a few from the Ivory coast and the odd hit from China but they weren’t enough to make the B.C top 25.

1. United Kingdom 9621 75.0 %
2. United States 857 6.7 %
3. Norway 427 3.3 %
4. Slovenia 184 1.4 %
5. Belarus 120 0.9 %
6. Australia 78 0.6 %
7. Estonia 75 0.6 %
8. Italy 75 0.6 %
9. Sweden 74 0.6 %
10. Poland 70 0.5 %
11. Argentina 67 0.5 %
12. Macedonia 61 0.5 %
13. Brazil 58 0.5 %
14. Peru 56 0.4 %
15. Canada 54 0.4 %
16. Serbia and Montenegro 47 0.4 %
17. Spain 43 0.3 %
18. France 39 0.3 %
19. Germany 38 0.3 %
20. Netherlands, The 37 0.3 %
21. Bolivia 36 0.3 %
22. Finland 30 0.2 %
23. Bulgaria 27 0.2 %
24. Nicaragua 25 0.2 %
25. Hungary 24 0.2 %
  Unknown 209 1.6 %
  The rest 399 3.1 %
  Total 12831 100.0 %

Now, thanks to Bart (I’ve stolen his idea) I have a new counter courtesy of

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Ping Pong

I just drove past two people playing table tennis on Magdalen Bridge. I kid you not – full size table n’all. Very strange.

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Edd will make you red

I’m like the plague! 😉

create your own visited countries map

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Look this way and say Formaggio!

Edd, in Europe, in Pictures, in reverse order…


and, all of them can be found HERE

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Mobile Madness

I’m still going around in circles with Hutchinson 3G aka 3 – my phone company. Still, it looks like i’m not the only one. If you get bored and fancy an insight into the 3 customer service experience nightmare checkout some of the horror stories here:

In the mean time please use smoke signals and morse code if you need to contact me.


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I have a plan…

Boom boom – I’m back home! Yes, I decided to pull off a classically funny ‘arrive home without warning anyone’ move. It wasn’t really that funny.

12 Countries, 20 towns and 35 beds since I left I am back in sunny oxford.

Although, I returned to Slovenia last week full of beans and convinced I would land a room and a job and live happily ever after. However, attaching such a move onto the end of a three month trip wasn’t such a great idea after all and, after a week of trying I’ve put the idea on hold – temporarily.

A few reasons for coming back are…

1. I ran out of toothpaste
2. I ran out of shaving foam
3. My tooth (the one that broke) was getting annoying
4. My 3 smelly T-Shirts, 3 Jeans and 3 Shirts were getting very boring
5. I hit a 3 month travel wall
6. I hadn’t organised anywhere to stay
7. Tetley Tea
8. I want to find someone from 3 (my phone company) and give them a wedgie
9. Flights are cheap
10. The Bullingdon comedy club is on the first Wednesday of every month
11. I’m not paying to use this PC or Internet

But, before I go on, for completeness I will write up the last few days of my trip. So, here go’s…

After a late night on Thursday at a place called KMS (pronounced Ke Me S-uh) Friday night was nice and quiet and after a Gin and Tonic with Mia I hit the sack for an early night. Saturday AM was less quiet and I spent a fun morning with Marica eating a large sandwich and shopping for jeans and Saturday night was anything but quiet!

In fact Saturday night was a shining example of the randomness of almost all the nights out over the last three months. Watching Slovenia lose to Norway in the world cup qualifiers at Celica I got talking to a French guy and his girlfriend and they told me all about a crazy Slovenian pub-fight that they witnessed the night before. Then I was invited to join a guy from Hawaii, a Spanish couple, a girl from Norway and two other guys from San Francisco. After another beer and 10 minute chat we headed out to a bar around the corner on Metalkova square. Outside I met a guy from Brazil who was working for Amnesty and selling home grown ‘Tobacco’ and inside I met (along with many Slovenians) a guy from Nigeria who was studying Agronomy at Uni in Ljubljana and finally, to round the night off I met one of the nicest girls I’ve met in the whole three months – lovely Slovenian girl called Sandra.

Sunday was also great and was the perfect ending to my trip. We spent the Day swimming, sun bathing and walking at the coast in a town called Piran. It was really good to get out of the city, see the countryside and catch a glimpse of both Italy and Croatia across the water. Mia (if your reading this) I’m really, really grateful for all your hospitality in Ljubljana. In fact, that goes for everyone I’ve met from HC who’s been in contact during my trip – thanks!

Boats in Piran Habour

Piran Peninsula

Posing in Piran

Monday started at 4am, I flew home next to a fat guy playing Bruce Willis DVD’s and I was home in time for lunch. Unlike the last time I returned home when I saw a large, crazy drunk-woman running down the Cowley road in nothing but her underwear – the journey was quite boring. However, I did glance out of the bus window to see a red ford Escort (with a spoiler) with two kids in the back, a Chav blonde mum smoking a cigarette with the Sun newspaper on the dashboard. It was perfect.


So, now I have all the time in the world lookout for some pictures and emails coming to an in box near you soon 🙂

Ian, Edd, Eddy or whatever I introduced myself as….

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