Something strange was happening with the electricity in my apartment last night and, the only wat to make the power work was to plug in and boil a kettle from one single socket! So, I made a brew, left the kettle off and drank my tea in the dark. Then at 3am I awoke to the sound a explosion (MY TV) with all lights in my apartment beaming at 30000 Watts. I jumped up (looking something like a bold, cubby meerkat) just in time to witness the hot and smoky melt-down on my laptop power supply!

Needless to say, despite the mildly dramatic and exciting edge to these events – I’d rather they didn’t happen. Worse still, my fridge has defrosted (and its +35 here) and the only way to deal with this is via my drunkard non-english speaking landlord.

Does anyone know the Russian words for surge and melt-down?

For the record, I’d like to make clear my complete and utter dissatisfaction with Blogger for screwing up and changing the way their Blog software works. I want back on My advice to everyone – forget and look elsewhere.

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