Month: March 2009

I’m not scared, I felt like this on my way home…

Hmmm, I let it go again. I left the mighty without words, without news and without ramblings for almost two months. Just as well I’m boss or I’d be clearing my blogging desk and making for the virtual door.

Anyway, you don’t need to know the following but still, this time I’m typing from a full-sized PC and I have tea, music, time and sun-burn.

I’ll explain the sun-burn later but first I need to bring up to date with news since February. It looks a little something like this…

Koszeg remains Koszeg but with two, no three notable differences. Firstly there’s a new disco in town and it’s on the main square and dangerously close to my house. Secondly, the financial crisis arrived and they closed our beloved gym (and with it the only extra-curricular entertainment in Koszeg) and thirdly everything is just a little bit cheaper. It’s cruel to think like this but, thankfully, the Hungarian economy is going down the pan quicker than the British and you now get more Forints for your Fiver.

So, not much changed with Koszeg but quite a lot changed with Uni. We lost three Slovaks, one Romanian/Serbian/Italian, a Kosovan, a Ukrainian and a Russian (all are sadly missed) but we gained a replacement Russian, a Lithuanian, 4 new Turks and apparently – we get 3 Africans next week too! …although, this rumor has been ongoing for some months. Anyway, we now have a strong Turkish majority in Koszeg and as a result I know at least two Turkish words. Good huh!

What else? Oh, I had my first foreign visitors and three intrepid Slovenes breached the border to spend a few days with me – waiting for pizza, freezing in Budapest and sitting in my car during a stupidly long unnecessary detour to Vienna and a few weeks later I returned the favor and invaded Slovenia for much of the same (without the freezing, waiting or detour) and the week after that I joined ‘AEGEE Vienna’ and most of my classmates in Vienna for a ‘Europe night’ which involved 23 different nationalities, and 23 national drinks and one chaotic night!

…and since then it’s all been about Koszeg, studying, walking, cycling, Koszeg, pizza, Koszeg and studying…

However, during the above I’ve collected my own 1978 ‘Pavlihova Pratika’ which is a yearly Slovene magazine/journal/comic type thing, which I can’t read but I’m quite proud of. Amusingly it lists new words that entered Slovene that year, one of which translates as a ‘Shitter’ – someone who has a talent for doing nothing and doesn’t like work. I’ve certainly been guilty of shitting in Slovenia.

I also learnt about English irregular plurals from Ajda (words ending in f/fe change to a ‘ves’ calves, halves, wives etc (except if it ends in ff like cliffs)) and so on…

I drank from the ‘seven springs’ (Het Forras in Hungarian) which means I have the strength of 7 Hungarians. For an look at our trip, checkout these people who clearly did exactly the same as us.

…and I cycled to Austria for fun in the new, April sunshine that’s arrived in Koszeg and toasted our faces for the last 3 days! …hence the sunburn. Actually, the weather has been a little Schizophrenic lately so I hope the sun will stay. It keeps snowing unexpectedly and it’s confusing.

Anyway, this somewhat unplanned rant should have y’all up to speed and as I have 36 hours to spend on a train next week (Moldova via Ukraine) expect to see another update from the mini laptop sometime soon.


Ohhh,and photos are provided at no extra cost – here. I’m afraid you’ll have to fit them into the above story yoursel(ves).

PS, I’m also going deaf. I’m serious, I cant hear hight pitched noises. It’s been going on for a few years now but I though I’d make it official. If you choose to speak with me sometime – don’t squeal or I might not answer.

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Sun in England, Snow in Koszeg…

Looks like we’re going back to winter 🙁


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Cuki the Koszeg Snowman

Me and Maria – hard at work in Koszeg. Cuki (the snowman) lasted about 2 days before he/she face dived into the grass. Koszeg has that affect on people 😉

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