Those annoyingly honest Scandinavians have done us again – they’ve toped the list of trustworthy places with Finland taking the number 1 spot in this years corruption index

It’s also quite nice to see that (despite what the Daily Mail, Express and Times might believe) our country hasn’t gone to pot yet and we’re a respectable 11th. Actually, taking all but 3 of the other top-spots my favorite continent is doing us all proud.

Slovenia is the second highest of the so-called Eastern European nations (ranking 28) and gets a special mention for being one of the highest improvers. I’ll show ’em how it’s done next year 😉

Unfortunately, at 150 out of 163 Belarus is Europe’s bad boy. However, seeing it steal a place way below Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and Iran I feel slightly less embarrassed about being ripped off by Belarusian granny whilst I was there. $25 to wash five items of clothing? I don’t think so. It made for an entertaining argument though.

…anyone wanna buy a watch?

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