Month: June 2003

I’ve added some photos here. I’ll keep adding them to this folder when I get more time – Enjoy!

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So, it’s been 11 days and I havent written much at all, but don’t worrie this is not sign that I haven’t been busy – quite the opposite.

I arrived OK in Athens last Tuesday and spent two nights looking around (getting ripped off by shitty arse-hole taxi drivers) and exploring the Accropolis etc. After a coulple of good days, on the advice of Maria, I took a ferry to the Island of Santorini which is really nice. The place is famous for its white-washed houses and spectacular sun-set. I saw both.

After that I moved onto an Island called Ios which is supposedly the party capital of Greece (a title that I would dispute since it’s tiny) and naturally I party’d until I could take no more – 3 nights, before opting out and heading back to Athens. My aim now is to get myselft sorted and do my laundry (I stink) before heading to Meteora in central Greece and then I need to make a move towards Croatia. At the moment I have no idea how I’m going to do it since Thessaloniki (where I was heading) has been enjoying a good old riot, and then, if I go via Macedonia I have to go out through Kosovo. Read this to see why it doesnt sound like a good idea. The other option is a ferry to Italy and then back to Croatia, but that sounds like an expensive and boring alternative.

I had better get a move on now since I’m picking up my photo’s at 2pm and then I have to get my laundry and find my way out of Athens and sort out a room for the night …its a hard life

Eddy. PS – I have been keeping a more detailed log but dont have the time to type it all up. Maybe one day.

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Hello! – I am back – but only briefly. I am currently in Ios which is a small Greek Island. After a few days in Athens, I spent a few days in Santorini before arriving here today. Anyway, thats all I’m saying now cos I’m paying a small fortune to write this and so it isn’t much fun! Laters….

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Welcome to my new web log or ‘blog’. Althogh I have written my own online diary-system, I have decided to use the free online service provided by for the time being. I will use this to keep a diary of the next few months and I have the suspicion that this will take over from my current hompage. For those who don’t already know I have decided to step up the tax dodging and escape to the far reaches of Europe.

As for today, well everyone has left our Uni house and gone home officially marking the end of this Uni year and, the end of Uni altogether. Whilst there will probably be a few tears shed (over the fact that they no longer get to live with me) I think everyone is ready to move on and I think they’ll all do very well (except you Fresh). Anyway – I don’t really have much else to say apart from hello, keep your eye on this page, and email me. It’s always nice to here from you. Eddy.

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