Month: September 2004

A9, a bearder

Amazon recently released a new search engine called A9 ( The search page has some pretty good features and I’m pleased to see they put in 1st place where it belongs 😉 …but who are all those dodgy people?? See

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Well, when compared with younger bro, my last few weeks have been fairly un-eventful. Alas, I haven’t visited any colonial beach-side towns, been paragliding or peered at cute slum dwellers (Wendlebury excluded). However, that’s not to say I haven’t been busy.

After accepting a new job with RM I worked my weeks notice at Dialogue Direct and started my new job the following Monday. So far – all is good.

Also, during this time – I survived a murder mystery on the Thames, survived my leaving drinks, borrowed, rented and then brought a new car, Pete got back from South America and I’ve moved house! (well, back to my house). Oh, I should also congratulate Anna Scott who put on an excellent show in a West-End musical and Sophie who was Christened – well done 🙂

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Best Day Ever

For so many reasons today has been one of the best days ever. Really it has. …just though i’d make a note of it 🙂

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