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Save the planet

Tips from Slovenia’s graffitti artists

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Walk this way

The (slightly excessive) three bridges in the middle of LJ – the de-facto meeting place for anyone meeting in town.

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The best billboard ever?

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Horse Berger

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Bust a move

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I go to swimming

2 weeks down, 2 to go and as the email below proves, I haven’t been pressuring anyone into anything…

“Dear Jan, Eva and Ian, I liked and enjoyed at your lectures so much! They were interesting and without pressure, which suited me a lot. Thank you! Thanks and best regards to Rob also! I wish you to have a nice time in Slovenia.”

I have to say though that CELTA (the course I’m studying) is no mean feat and it’s almost completely taken over my brain. Tomorrow I have to teach a lesson on ‘the present perfect tense with yet, already and just’. No, I don’t understand either.

Back to the lesson plan I guess and, maybe then I can have a Horse ‘Berger’ (they spell eveything phonetically here) for dinner.

Oh, and good luck young to the other wandering Bearder – Pete, who leaves for the much more exotic Columbian Amazon for some monkey business. Be good out there bro.


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Slovene Storm Trooper

A Slovene Storm-trooper, me and Chewbacca

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Photo’s (the long way round)

LJ before it started raining

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I’ll get photos on here if it kills me!

A view from Bled castle… (in case you missed it the last 7 times I went there)

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