Month: May 2006

Lucky People

I feel lucky if I get a text message and it’s NOT from the Crazy Frog.

However, these people have super kick-arse luck…

Jamie (actually deserves to die)

Vesna deserves her cigarette and…

Jani deserves a medal

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And, even in its outwardly calm and unassuming appearance, this place somehow still evokes feelings of dread and horror.

Come along with me, then, on a short trip against the flow of time, on a trip without a clear destination.

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A friend of mine, Jahor emailed me today. He’s blogging some thoughts, comments and pictures on the situation at home in Belarus.

He gives some interesting suggestions for the recent oil price threats coming from Russia.


I also read an interesting article today written by a Polish journalist about her experiences after being arreseted following the recent elections in Belarus. Read the article here

And some more here

Further South things are taking a turn for the worse in Serbia. The EU has just called off talks on entry to the EU after the Serbian govenment failed to meet the 30th April deadline for the detension of Ratko Mladic. It’s also prompted the resignation of the deputy Prime Minister. Personally, I think they’ll hand him over late so they can give the impression of doing things on their terms. Surely they continue down the road they’re on.

It’s not all bad new though – The British Are Much Healthier Than The Americans

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Voting Tomorrow?

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