Month: March 2006

Sit down and use the phone…

Wendlebury’s wandering bench makes a quick call

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One for Belarus

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“So the current Serbian government faces the prospect in a few short months of:

arresting and handing over Ratko Mladic
losing Montenegro
losing Kosovo.

This hardly amounts to a winning electoral strategy for the Kostunica government – which is why people are worried. There is a strong chance that the Radicals will emerge as the party that forms Serbia’s next government, which would do few people inside or outside Serbia any favours.

In judicial and political terms, then, there isn’t much solace to be had from Slobodan Milosevic’s sudden departure. If the world has no reason to mourn, Milosevic’s death leaves the Serbs he ruled as far as ever from a settled and prosperous future. “

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Sticking with a Belarissian theme, I just came accross the following article…

“Belarus imposes restrictions on beer/alcohol trade 13.03.2006, 23.12

MINSK, March 13 (Itar-Tass) — Belarussian authorities will impose restrictions on retail trade in beer and low-alcoholic drinks.

The sale of beer and low-alcoholic drinks will be banned in trade outlets located at educational institutions, health institutions, children’s theatres and institutions, industrial enterprises and at construction sites.

Beer and low-alcoholic drinks will also be banned in buildings that house governmental agencies, at sport facilities, and service stations, as well as through mobile trade outlets and vending machines.

The restrictions will apply mainly to places that are frequented by young people.

The new rules will become effective three months after official publication. “

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The Z’ed Machine.

“The enormous electrical pulse of 50 trillion watts strikes a complex
target about the size of a spool of thread.”

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You have 9 days

Our Belarusian neighbours don’t get much support or news coverage in the UK so, the mighty is here to help…

and for balance…

Promoting the cause to at least 5 people. Eddy.

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Try typing “liar” into Google

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Dear Alan

I just wrote to Alan Bearder who emailed me a while ago but it bounce so, I’m posting it here in case he returns…

“Hi Alan,

Firstly, apologies for my late reply.

It’s true, we Bearders are few and far between. However, I do receive a few emails from other Bearders in England (mostly around Nottingham) and occasionally from around the world including Sweden and the US.

Unfortunately I’ve been really bad at staying in touch with these sporadic Bearders and your email reminded me that I should do something about it! So, I’ve just finished adding a new forum to and on there I’ve added a section for Bearders.

The idea being that visiting Bearders can leave their mark, introduce themselves to the world and discuss all things ‘Bearder’.

The forum is located at and I’d be happy for you
(and any other Bearders you know) to post a quick hello here if you find time,

All the best

Ian Bearder”

PS Alan your email address is bouncing!

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It’s good to talk

It’s long overdue but, now you can talk, converse, chat, speak, gossip, natter, confer, argue, examine, consider, discuss, chitchat, yak, communicate, bicker, quarrel, correspond, read, write and learn…

On the Bulletin Board

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