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ahhhh religion. Spreading love, understanding and enlightenment in today’s world.

There’s nothing quite like a bit of collective punishment and a few death threats to keep cartoonists and pesky Scandinavians in order.

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Ljubljana get’s Bill Gates style approval…


“Ljubljana, with its old-world-mixed-with-new-style architecture and trendy vibe, makes for a stylish city break that includes medieval cobbled streets, a bright-white castle and excellent restaurants and bars lining the mint-green Ljubljanica river. An added plus are the locals – all long legs and swinging blonde tresses – who throng the riverside bars in summer. Active families should head to the Julian Alps, an undiscovered range peppered with turquoise lakes and wild forests, perfect for hiking, white-water rafting and riding the famous Lipizzaner horses.
Visit for more information”

They don’t all have long legs!

…oh look, LP are at it too.. Blue Lists

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Biblical Disaster

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I was introduced to someone last night as ‘Edd’ however, mishearing what she had been told the girl turned to me and said ‘Hi Ian!’

Maybe I need a new alias?

Another strange thing happened this week… I got a Job. Yes I have a J O B.

My wandering days are over again, for now and it’s time to reverse the flow of traffic from my bank account! So, if you’re anywhere near Oxford in the near future you know where to find me 🙂


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He’s not getting my vote but, creadit where credits due…

“Conservative leader David Cameron vowed on Sunday to oppose the ID card plans, calling them “un-British”.

“I don’t like the idea that you have to have this bit of paper just for existing,” he told BBC’s Sunday AM.”

On a lighter note. Fearne Cotton babe? or minger? …discuss

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Beans for breakfast

Hello Hello…

No, I haven’t stepped into a large European puddle, fallen off Mt Triglav or OD’d on absinthe – I’ve just been very quiet.

I think the last time I updated this was before Christmas and so I should start by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! …Late I know.

Anyway, after leaving Ribno and the rest of the family in after Christmas I took another super long (11 hours(ish)) train up to Prague and then a final overnight train up to Dussledorf for New Year. I avoided Prague for a long time but, I have to admit that it really does live up to it’s reputation. The city is stunning and if you’ve ever got 12 hours to kill you can all the photo’s I took here …I went a bit ‘Japanese’ with the camera.

In Germany I saw the tallest woman I’ve ever seen (she actually touched the ceiling of the train) and a short man with a moustache in leather trousers. It’s amazing how much Si and Karen have changed.

Leaving Germany on the 2nd, I cut short my January travels and in much the same way I started, I jumped in the back of the car and blagged a free lift home. I’ve been hiding quietly in OX ever since.

It’s time to find some gainful employment…



PS, I leave you with a photo of Prague and, best of all – my first meal of 2006

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