Month: November 2013

Singing for the signature

As thousands of Ukrainians descended on Maidan Square this weekend in support of Ukraine’s ‘European future’, the Ukrainian diaspora in Brussels gathered in Place Luxembourg to do their bit.

Unsurprisingly, this involved singing, smiling and lots of blue and yellow.

Sadly I missed the songs, but I catch some of the action 🙂

IMAG1991_1 IMAG1993_1 IMAG1995_2 IMAG1997_1 IMAG1998_1 IMAG2003_1

More on the main protests here:

100th post!

2 years
100 posts
122,000 visitors from all over the world – even North Korea (thanks Kim Jong 😉
…and Ukraine has still not perished, yet.

Viva Ukraine!

Here’s a massive cheese-grater…


“Ukraine through children’s eyes”

In the past two weeks, adults in Ukraine and Europe (especially those entrusted to run countries and governments) have given us a superb lesson in stupidity and incompetence.

Self interest, selective justice, coercion, ignorance and a complete lack of interest/understanding from Western Europe have all been displayed in the almighty international cock-up known as the Association Agreement.

Like never before, Europe’s adults have shown that they are unable to govern, and why a new generation of leaders is desperately needed. 

So, while our politicians and diplomats continue their playschool pranks in Parliament and continue to shame our countries and our continent, I am delighted to share this alternative view from Ukraine. A collection of optimistic excellence from some exceedingly talented kids.

The gallery “Ukraine through Children’s eyes” took place in Brussels last week, and although there wasn’t a child in sight, it was a lot of fun.

There were Stalks (those birds that bring babies), Cossacks, Cats (of course), horses, houses, ducks, rainbows, fields… and many many more colourfully-painted Ukrainian cliches.   Yes, there were a few tough-talking adults, some bad haircuts and some questionable musical performances, but who cares because there was even a painting of a marshrutka!

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy Ukraine “through Children’s eyes”

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