Month: April 2007

The darling buds of May

Ljubljana > Koper > Portoroz > Piran > Novi Grad (Croatia) > Izola > and home, in three sunny days.

The lucky proximity of Slovenia’s Independence Day and the Labour Day Holiday mean this week is all about ‘time off’. Naturally we joined in and, we’ve spent the last few days enjoying Slovene hospitality at it’s best with Ajda and friends in Koper.

We swam, explored, relaxed, drank, ate (as you do), crossed international boundries, talked endlessly about bidets (no – i’m still not gonna try one) and even wrote a few Slovene Limmerics – possibly the first ever written. We enjoyed Pivo sevrved by Einstien, coffee served by Mamma and food from all corners of Slovenia.

I also repaid my hitch-hiking debt and helped two Slovene students on their to a party in Izola.

Gremo – let’s go…

Drinking Pivo at a small coastal bar run by Einstien

The paparazzi catch up with us in Piran

A guy unloads his …er..fluid!

Coastal view – Piran

Jaimie learns a thing about Slovene taste in music

Don’t lean back

Iva cools off

Christophe – he’s French

Beach babes, Ajda and Tjaša

Alenka. Beach Volley champion of Koper

Ajda likes Ice Cream

Evening Sun

Sleeping it all off

If you have time you can read comrade Jaimie’s acoount of the weekend here and see his photos here.

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Big in Slovenia

Brad Pitt – eat you’re heart out. I don’t see any pictures of you gracing this months copy of Anja magazine!

Ok, so it was only a matter of time before I was discovered and promoted as a housewife idol and, since the publication of the May edition of Anja magazine – life has been good. TV appearances, photo signings and fashion shoots have all been mixed with a life of sex, drugs, wealth and splendour.

As Tom put it – mid-sized, sarcastic, village folk are now the must-have fashion accessory for Slovene supermodels.

I’ll be sending collectors copies home when I find time but, I have to go now as Mojca and Maja are waiting in the Jacuzzi.

Eddy “speak to the agent cos I ain’t listening” Bearder

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We had a debate this afternoon about when to Climb Mt Triglav (July or late August?) I lost, but I rekon I could find evidence to support my preference for July …for purely selfish reasons.

My 3 seconds of googling turned up this article – it’s funny…

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šest – ena

6-1 6-1 6-1

We watched Great Britian give Romainia a 6-1 drumming in the Ice Hocky world championship in Lj.

Dave Celebrates the 29th aniversary of his 1st birthday.

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Thanks Christophe

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Flowers in the window

Me and my long time buddy, flower lady. We’re old friends.

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ooooh, it’s tempting….

More money, free accomodation and a chance to experience Kazakstan.

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Evening sun, why don’t you staaaay – just a little longer…

…my freinds and I, our party’s almost over…

No news today – I’ll let the photos do the talking

Saturday 14th, Eddy takes a seat with the UN High Comissioner for Kosovo at the European Liberal conference in Zagreb.

Morning view from the train

Plastic hair

Friday night if you were drinking Lasko (like me)

Friday night if you wern’t drinking

A tourch lights up our balcony

One boob. I can’t decide if I like the idea? There’s definately pro’s and con’s. Oddly, this photo was taken in Lj and the bar I was drinking in in Zagreb was also named ‘boob’ …Slavs are odd.

Oh, and I have a lot of people to thank for last week. Mum, the girls in Zagreb, Piggy, the girls and guys in Lj, Melinca and our two Japanese guests (I’ll explian later) all made this week a week to remember – you all get special Eddy love.

Be good.

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Cops, guns, pop music and hope.

I played badminton yesterday at the BIT center in Ljubljana and whilst we were relaxing in the sun afterwards, 4 cop cars screeched up, 8 or 9 coppers jumped out, drew and loaded their handguns and ran into the sports center. You don’t see that everyday!

Fortunately the action stopped there and the coppers returned 5 minutes later and drove off without wasting anyone. It turned out to be a false alarm as someone had called to say they heard shots in the center. They probably heard a few of my badminton shots (they can be pretty deadly) and the noise of my strings breaking 2 minutes before we finished playing. Besides, it wouldn’t have been a problem if (and I’m not sure why anyone would) someone had turned turn up with guns blazing as I’m pretty experienced at dealing with these issues. You learn a lot working at the Little Chef on Easter Sunday! Hmmmm… how many years ago was that?

Also, I heard the stupidest thing I’ve heard on the Radio for a while on Radio Slovenia International. The presenter finished a news report about a recent study which concluded that global warming is already having a catastrophic on the earth (no shit Sherlock) and she followed up by saying

“So, all we can do is continue to play some popular music and hope everything will be OK”

Now, pop music and hope have their place but, I suspect there’s a little bit more you could try before giving up on the world.

However, if the rest of Eastern Europe develops a taste for new cars like the Slovenes, we’re gonna need a lot of Abba and more than a few cans of hope. Slovenia apparently has one of the highest rates of cars ownership in Europe and I they’ve taken the car status-symbolism to a new level. Any Solvene will tell you about their obsession with new cars and distain for old bangers. It seems that people will live in a shoe-box flat and starve themselves of other luxuries as long as they have a new car. I mean, where else can you learn to drive in a BMW?

Strangely though – they don’t go for sunroofs. I don’t know if this is an odd social rule or the fact that they can’t afford the optional extras but they’re not very common.

Another uncommon sight in Slovenia is a flyover. It took me ages to work out why there are so many traffic lights in Ljubljana and so many scary intersections where everyone seems to drive at everyone and across on-coming traffic but, it’s all because there’s no (OK, hardly any) flyovers. I don’t know why I’m telling you this but, now you know.

Love and hope and happy Easter,


Notice how the arrow directs you accross the on-coming traffic. Come on Ljubljana give flyovers a go – there pretty good you know.

Oh, and phonetic werd of the dej is ‘Ekpres’

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