Month: July 2009

Democratic Communism Faces Extinction

“On 17 February 2008 Dimitris Christofias of the AKEL was elected President of Cyprus. This made Cyprus one of only three two countries in the world to currently have a democratically elected communist government, the other being Nepal…”

>> Give yourself 10 democratic points if you know the relevace of this post to today 🙂

Here’s a clue:

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Polka for your pupils…

Reggae for your retinas… or, err – a ‘Morris Dance’ for the mind…

Click HERE for 170 reasons to open your eyes.

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Time to solve the Trans-Dniester problem

Wishful thinking?

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All Europe Whole and Free?

I think you only need to follow the previous link I posted to see it’s not true but, the website has some interesting videos and links …if that’s what you’re into…

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EU – Ukraine

Visa facilitation for Ukrainians? A long-standing hoax

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