Well it’s official – I’m a left-wing extremist. According to www.politicalsurvey2005.com, my views on crime and punishment, Europe, and other transnational issues including immigration and international law are significantly to the left of 97.6% of the population. This includes 93.3% of Liberal Democrats and the 91.9% of the Green Party!

However, it’s not all extremism here in Eddy’s world and when it comes to public and private involvement in the economy, international trade, redistributive taxation… And Iraq – I’m bang in the center of the political rainbow.

If you are really bored you can checkout a full analysis of my lefty views by clicking on this link. …Or perhaps you can find out your own position.

But don’t worry all you righties out there (and that’s most of you) as yet I haven’t go plans for a lefty uprising beyond the occasional pub ranting.

Also, despite my obvious absence from this page I have been keeping myself nice and busy, squeezed in 4 day’s in Barcelona, re-painted the house, had my contract extended till June 1st, cooked for 13 people and er, brought a new coat.

I did also think of a whole bunch of other things to paste up here but I’ve been struck down with bloggers-block and I can’t think of any of them. Oh well – maybe I’ll get time for another update before Christmas 😉

Oh, have you ever thought about destroying planet Earth? Yeah? Well, some dude has put a site together to help you out… how to destroy the Earth’ – remember Gamma Ray Bursts just won’t work!!


PS – the lame ‘just testing’ post that’s been occupying the No.1 spot here for a few weeks isn’t as lame as it looks. It’s proof that blogging from your phone really is possible.

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