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P’s and Q’s

Just thought I’d write and thank everyone who’s taken the time to leave a comment here over the last few weeks. As most of you chose to remain intriguingly anonymous, I can’t thank you personally – but I appreciate the feedback, your thoughts and your poljubecks. Thanks also for the various views on my rant about New Europe and thanks to anonymous number 3 who correctly pointed out that the war ended 11 years ago, in 1996. I also agree that the effects of the war are still clear and heartfelt in the region – I just thought that the new ‘travel’ show should be highlighting the hundreds of fun/interesting/odd and tasty things you can in these countries when you’re not drinking Lasko and talking about the war.

Now, I don’t have anything to complain about this week, just a few questions.

If you can be ruthless, why can’t you be Ruth?
What is the opposite of priority?
and, is obesity really as bad as global warming? …I suspect Alan Johnson was over egging the headline pudding a here.

It’s no surprise though given that most of our national foods seem to have been developed during a period of hard work. A ‘full English’ seems fine to me – as long as you’re about to make something from steal.

Don’t worry though, if the Slovene’s don’t stop eating Kebabs at 11am – they’ll be joining at the top of Europe’s blubber-chart. Mark my words.


PS, there are a few other things I found this week that some of you might enjoy…

1. For making stupid and pointless things.
2. for everything I don’t need, but think I do need …and can’t afford.
3. He’s honest and he’s called. John.

I’d also like to take this oppertunity to mention England, France, Christophe and Rugby.

On a more serious note I’ve also been increasingly concerned by news coming from the southern Balkans recently and specifically Kosovo.

Talks on the future status of Kosovo have all but failed and it seems likely that the US and some EU states (the UK included) intend to go ahead and recognise Kosovo unilaterally.

These videos and the following articles should give an idea why this is bad news…

Youtube: David frost talks to Vuk Jeremic

Youtube: A fairly informative (and reasonably balanced report) on the situation
[The comments on this video are worrying enough]

Each of the following paragraphs link to the article they appeared in…

“If the US and some EU states do recognise Kosovo, as appears inevitable, Russia might be tempted to recognise three enclaves in Georgia and Moldova that have looked to Russia for support. These enclaves are Abkhazia and South Ossetia in Georgia, and Trans-Dniester in Moldova.”

“Is there potential for more violence?
Kosovo Albanian leaders insists they need a speedy solution for the situation not to spiral out of control.”

“Kosovo will declare its independence almost immediately if there is no deal reached with Serbia”

“Serbia warned the United Nations on Thursday of “unforeseeable consequences” that could destabilize the world if the breakaway province of Kosovo declares independence unilaterally later this year”

“The alternative is grim. A Russian veto in New York will unleash diplomatic chaos internationally and violence on the ground in the Balkans.” [NB: that veto happened]

“However unlikely the scenario sounds, Russian troops could conceivably land in Serbia, which has several military airports conveniently close to Kosovo border, and move into the north of the province from there, demanding their chunk of responsibility in any international peacekeeping force in the province.

Ukraine, Hungary, Moldova or Bulgaria would probably not attempt to use weapons prevent Russian troop transports from flying over their countries en route to Serbia.”

“Serbia threatens to use force if West recognizes Kosovo”

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View from the middle of an island

I’ve been reunited with my camera. It still works.

My view over Oxford.

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