Month: January 2014

Now you can play ‘Angry Ukrainians’

Revolution is no laughing matter. However, as Ukrainians have shown time-after-time, there’s plenty of room for humor, mockery and piss-taking during EuroMaidan.

Here’s the latest offering: an action packed Android game that lets you play at being an angry Ukrainian.


Launched yesterday, the game already has 244 votes and a 4.5 star rating.

It wont replace the Ukrainian government, but it might make you smile and it will keep you entertained on the bus home.


Ukrainian Van Damme

Evgeny Kalinin is Ukraine’s own petrol-powered, testicle-risking Jean-Claude Van Damme .

As the author of “Avtodvyzh” Nicholas Redhead, added that the complexity of the trick is that, unlike the Belgian, Eugene had no foothold.

More info on the original article, here:


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