In Soviet times each factory or collective had its own countryside resort called a Turbasa. Employees and staff could use the Turbasa for holidays and weekends out of the city.

The town of Teterev, eighty km from Kiev is renowned for its beautiful nature and wildlife and several Turbasas were located there.  Sadly, after the fall of the Soviet Union the lion’s share of Turbasas disappeared or were forced to close, however a few remained and you can reach them via the Elektritska (electric train) from Svyatoshyn.

Very little has changed over the past twenty years and for those who want a flavour of the Soviet Union, a visit to the Turbasa  Teterev offers an unforgetable experience. And for those who just want a great, relaxing time we recommend a stay at the resort as well.

Situated in the forest and surrounded by lakes and a river, the wildlife is astonishing and you can rent cabin with BBQ for 25 euro a day.

The resort is managed by Sergey Illich together with his helper: the two make the experience even better.  Tell Illych that you were sent by Jerom from the Netherlands. He is a big fan of Holland.

A prefabricated concrete fence surrounds the Turbasa.

Sergey Illich (left) with his helper.

At Turbasa and a BBQ

Abandoned wooden shelters 

A lake is located near the Turbasa. Local people spend the day at the lake in a tent, that protects them against the burning sun.

The local kids catch fish in the river Teterev which  is located five metres from the Turbasa