…my freinds and I, our party’s almost over…

No news today – I’ll let the photos do the talking

Saturday 14th, Eddy takes a seat with the UN High Comissioner for Kosovo at the European Liberal conference in Zagreb.

Morning view from the train

Plastic hair

Friday night if you were drinking Lasko (like me)

Friday night if you wern’t drinking

A tourch lights up our balcony

One boob. I can’t decide if I like the idea? There’s definately pro’s and con’s. Oddly, this photo was taken in Lj and the bar I was drinking in in Zagreb was also named ‘boob’ …Slavs are odd.

Oh, and I have a lot of people to thank for last week. Mum, the girls in Zagreb, Piggy, the girls and guys in Lj, Melinca and our two Japanese guests (I’ll explian later) all made this week a week to remember – you all get special Eddy love.

Be good.

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