Ljubljana > Koper > Portoroz > Piran > Novi Grad (Croatia) > Izola > and home, in three sunny days.

The lucky proximity of Slovenia’s Independence Day and the Labour Day Holiday mean this week is all about ‘time off’. Naturally we joined in and, we’ve spent the last few days enjoying Slovene hospitality at it’s best with Ajda and friends in Koper.

We swam, explored, relaxed, drank, ate (as you do), crossed international boundries, talked endlessly about bidets (no – i’m still not gonna try one) and even wrote a few Slovene Limmerics – possibly the first ever written. We enjoyed Pivo sevrved by Einstien, coffee served by Mamma and food from all corners of Slovenia.

I also repaid my hitch-hiking debt and helped two Slovene students on their to a party in Izola.

Gremo – let’s go…

Drinking Pivo at a small coastal bar run by Einstien

The paparazzi catch up with us in Piran

A guy unloads his …er..fluid!

Coastal view – Piran

Jaimie learns a thing about Slovene taste in music

Don’t lean back

Iva cools off

Christophe – he’s French

Beach babes, Ajda and Tjaša

Alenka. Beach Volley champion of Koper

Ajda likes Ice Cream

Evening Sun

Sleeping it all off

If you have time you can read comrade Jaimie’s acoount of the weekend here and see his photos here.

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