Whatever you think you’ve ordered – you probably haven’t. I asked for a sandwich (sendviči) for breakfast the other day and got a lamb kebab. Nice! Today the waitress described the special as “A vegetable in a sauce with bread dropped in it” and, feeling brave I ordered it. I got a plate of deep fried cauliflower in breadcrumbs with Tartar sauce. OK, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds but I’m not sure how long I can take this ‘culinary roulette’. I think this might be a good place to start learning Slovene.

Breakfast. If you’re lucky it’ll be nice but, it could be anything!

Otherwise, all is good here and my weekly work schedule has increased from the size of an old Mini to almost the size of a new one. I have a regular 16 hours now which means a full 12 hours teaching. So, it’s fair to say I’m not exactly breaking a sweat or making a fortune. However, where a 38 hour working week covers my rent in Oxford, my 12 hours does the same in Ljubljana. So, I’m gonna enjoy my semi-retired status with trips to the gym, maybe some more hill climbing and as many coffee and beer trips to Žmauč as is healthy.

We had a ‘welcome to 39 Tržaška Cesta’ party on Friday and, to say it had an international flavour would be understatement of the year. The were 5 English, a French, two Slovenes, a Moldovan, an Uzbekistani, a Russian guy and cheeky Russian girl called D. We took our international posse to Emonska where we met some Dutch girls, a Scot, a Welsh, an Irish and a guy from Venezuela. A few of us ended up in Global where we met a Serbian and a guy from Montenegro. Me and Jaimie finished the night eating Burek with 3 Bosnians.

With the exception of Neja, Sunday was totally English and ended with a curry.

OK, so that’s about all for now but I’ll try and update this a little more often, I mean, what else do I have to do? Oh, and if you’re still bored I think Pete’s updated his blog too.


PS. Whatever Ajda tells you, it’s not advisable to tell an Italian girl that she has cow’s eyes!

PPS. For an alternative view on expat life in LJ there are a few other Johnny-Foreigners with cool sites. See the friends links on the side.

PPS. Rumour has it that Nick’s landed a job in Costa Rica. Good luck our son.

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