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Finally out on the bike

I bought my new bike during a burst of enthusiasm for my trip in December last year, but ever since the weather has been rubbish so I haven’t had a chance to ride the thing …until today. Spring has officially arrived in Kyiv so I took my new wheels for their first run along the Dniper to Obolon.


Out on the Bike in Kyiv (again)…




Behind the Screens “News Reporting from Ukraine”

News coverage from Ukraine hasn’t always been of the highest quality (in fact most foreign media coverage has been pretty poor), so I was interested to see this event take place in Brussels.

Unfortunately I couldn’t attend because I was back in Kyiv, but as the intro says: “Television is an essential and trusted source of national and international news for Europeans. Whenever news breaks, TV correspondents are there on the spot to bring you the story.”

Having witnessed the events here firsthand and having followed the media coverage online and on my TV, I’m not actually convinced that they do (or did) ‘bring’ viewers ‘the story’, but that’s a separate debate.

In the video summary below TV correspondents from different European broadcasters discuss the operational issues and challenges they have faced when reporting from the conflict in Ukraine.

56 years, 89 titles and a single story about Ukraine

Single story?

Welcome to the Kyiv Beer Festival


















Video: Kayaking Kyiv

The mighty Dniper river and Kyiv’s cultural and social history are inextricably intertwined and the myriad of islands, forests and sandy beaches which cut through the city provide endless hours of entertainment and relaxation. The river divides Kyiv (literally) but it also unites it as thousands and thousands of Kyivians mingle on its shore throughout the summer.

This weekend we joined them, hired some Kayaks from its Hydropark and paddled our way downstream to Slavutych stopping en-route for a picnic on a small island.

Then came the rain….

Thanks to Doug for arranging everything!

Invite: ‘Party Concert’ Najivo – 13th of August 2014

Join the 4th ‘party concert’ Najivo on 13 August 2014 from 8pm at the First Family studio in Kyiv (Obolon).

navThe line-up includes Karolina Mirgorodskaya, Margarita Rayska, THEROOF, Maryana Golovko & Valeri Koshman, and Dima Kelly (lead singer and founder of Champagne Morning) will attend as a special guest. Singles of this Ukrainian band are heard on numerous radio stations and occupied the top positions in the UK and US music charts: Miracle – # 5 on Amazing Tunes Radio (UK) and # 1 on IndieDial Radio (US) Also, the song Miracle was introduced at the UK BBC Intoducing radio show.


The next radio hit “The Culture” appears on the soundtrack to the movie “Tіnі Nezabutih Predkіv.”

Come and join us for hot chocolate and marshmallows!

Entrance fee: 70 UAH.
Simeyna Studia
Heroiv Stalingradu ave, 20 (Minskaia metro)


Please book in advance: +38 (067) 887 87 17

Najivo – is a platform for artists all over the world, where they can present their talent and creativity as well as get acquainted with other musicians and performers.


Paint by Numbers

I woke-up on Saturday morning to the following message: 

“Hey Ian, me and Ruslana are going to the Kyiv color fest”, “wanna join us?”

I should have been looking for an apartment but curiosity won and I flicked open the Facebook page for the event. I couldn’t really understand what it was, but as it was only 20 minutes by metro from Maidan and the weather was good – so I agreed. 

Walking through Maidan on my way to the metro I passed busses of young riot police, guys carrying crates of Molotov cocktails, people trying to clean the place and at least two massive fires as the tent city went up in smoke. All adequately bonkers for a Saturday in central Kyiv. 

By the time I had arrived at ‘Ipodrom’ metro station, the everything had changed but it was no less bonkers. 

Sun + Music + Paint = The Kyiv Festival of Colour

I haven’t seen this many Ukrainians having this much fun for a long time. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean: 




In Kyiv, if it moves it can (and probably will) sell coffee.

Kyiv’s growing coffee obsession has been taken to a whole new level with the arrival of coffee buses.

The city’s coffee cars took-off in a big way in 2011 and now, wherever there are people, you will can find one. As cars, most of them look decidedly unroadworthy, but the do make a good latte.  In 2013 the coffee cars were joined by the ludicrous (but popular) pink coffee snails, which are possibly the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen – even by Ukrainian standards.

Now, this huge fleet of motorised coffee kiosks has been bolstered by a substantial number of large coffee buses. If this trend continues, I wouldn’t be surprised to return in three months and find a bean-filled Antanov pumping cappuccinos out onto Kreshatink.

First they came by car...

First they came by car…

Then these weirdly wonderful 'creatures' arrived.  

Then these weirdly wonderful ‘creatures’ arrived.

...and now look!! (and I know we're famous for Red buses, but it should be a TEA bus). Where will is end??

…and now look, we have buses!!  Where will this end? Coffee tractors? Coffee Trucks? or. maybe…

This is Ukraine, it could happen... anyone for a jet-fulled latte macchiato?

Coffee Antanovs??!  …this is Ukraine, anything can happen.  Anyone for a jet-powered latte macchiato?


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