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Budapest to the Black Sea: Day 4. Mohacs to Osijek

Szia Hungary, Hello Croatia.

Starting early today, we made good progress along the remaining 40(ish) kilometers of the route out of Hungary which is, pretty much, smooth tarmac paths all the way to the Croatian Border. The border crossing was ridiculously easy and we breezed through without any trouble at all. In fact, everyone was very friendly and the border lady sheepishly handed us some leaflets in English and then smoked a cigarette as we quizzed her and her colleagues about the best place to eat. 

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Budapest to the Black Sea: Day 3. Kalocsa to Mohacs

“How many Eggs do you want? 2, 3, 4, 5?” The waitress asked me as a walked into the dining room at 07:30am.

“three would be enough” I said, as I piled bread, ham, cheese and cake onto my plate.

After munching through the lot, I loaded the bike, thanked the staff and met Dylan at today’s supermarket of choice which was SPAR. I got lucky with the water again, filled up my water bottles and we set off.

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