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Cycle Training Day 4

I’m a little bit late starting today (9am) but only because I was eating Sushi and drinking beer with my brother and Ollie until 1:30am.

We were celebrating the first night of Kyiv’s first open mic night ‘Caberet Clandestino’ in Podol.

I had the idea when Pete (my brother) said he was coming to Kyiv this week.
I like the relaxed and random nature of open mic events and its something I miss when I’m here.

Once Pete had agreed, the rest all fell into place quite easily. I’m not entirely sure that I explained the concept to my Ukrainian friends very successfully and there was a little bit of ‘we don’t do that’, but everyone was willing to give me the benefit of their doubt and as a result we had an amazing night.

Bochka (our venue) gave us their stage for free on condition that 30 people attended and they also provided a short grumpy sound guy for a very affordable 250 UAH. Kyiv.Cool, Facebook and our friends all promoted the event, and Pete and Ollie arrived with a large stage banner, guitar and loop pedal.

Much to delight we had about 50 people and after a drunken lawyer took to the stage to sing a nursery rhyme (three times and while Pete provided some beatbox beats) people’s inhibitions evaporated and we had singing, comedy, poetry, hip-hop rapping and even a mime/strip routine.

Even the grumpy sound guy was tapping his foot and joining in!

I’m now confident not only that Ukrainians like open mic nights, but also that they are open and willing to try new things and not afraid to perform! I had assumed these things to be true anyway and it seems I was right.

Expect more open Mic events soon.

Now back to the cycling. It seems cycling is more popular than I thought as both bikes were occupied this morning forcing me onto one of the lazy sit-down cycle machines. It’s basically the same but with a chair and pedals out the front and apart fe being uncomfortable, I can’t tell what the difference is.

It seems like the post-9:00am crowed are a lot older (50+) so although I’m half-asleep I feel young and fresh-faced in comparison.

Level 5/6

Time for a swim…

Cycle Training Day 3

Monday Morning 08:45

15:00 minutes
Level 5
5.32 km
101 calories

I’m too tired to write

Cycle Training Day 2

So as not to over do it, yesterday I took a rest day. It was Friday after all.

Today, Saturday, I’ve decided to combine a slightly longer cycle with a slightly shorter swim and then a far more relaxing sauna. However I haven’t eaten and nine minutes into my cycle and I’m absolutely starving.

As it’s Saturday morning, the gym is quite busy and for the first time there is a woman on the cycle machine next to me. A comrade!

I also discovered that I can change the LCD display so it shows bad pop-music.


45 minutes
15.07 km
277 Calories

Cycle Training Day 1

It’s 8:34 on Thursday 2nd April and I’m finally sitting on the cycling machine at the SportLife gym in Podil.

I have 4 months until the start of my 2,000 km cycle and for such an early hours, I’m surprisingly upbeat about it. This isn’t obvious from the less-than creative title I came up with for this first entry, but I am.

Cycling isn’t very popular in Ukraine and this probably explains why there are only two cycling machines here despite the fact that it’s a large modern and new Gym and I’ve never seen anyone except me use them.

From my seat I have a wide view of the pool which I intend to use every other day to ease the tediousness of cycle training and where I was yesterday morning under the pretext that I shouldn’t rush into any heavy training.

Between me and the pool are the running machines and today I’m behind an exceptionally attractive brunette in a pink t-shirt. To my left is a funny/ridiculous step machine where a woman is doing some high-intensity ‘shuffling’.

I had promised to use my training time ‘on the saddle’ to ‘re-listen to my pimsuleur teach yourself Ukrainian but perhaps I’ll start that tomorrow.

Level 4
30 minutes
6:01 miles
172 calories burned (less than a croissant!)

Now it’s time to replace those calories with a ‘breakfast for champions’.

Day 1

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