As Ukraine gets ready to host the European football championships in June the country, well parts of it,  have had quite a serious cosmetic makeover. Streets have been repaired, roads built, airports opened and stadiums erected.

Kyiv and Lviv got new logos, and the metro system even got new ‘English’ language signs!

In addition to this, Ukraine and her host cities feature in a whole medley of ‘inspiring’ promotional videos.

To save you hours of trouble trawling youtube, I’ve listed the best of them here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, sit back, click play and let Ukraine roll…


First up, the general Ukraine and Kyiv Promos 

Vlad video… a preview of the footballing action


Switch on Ukraine. Its a real ‘turn on’


You can’t come to Ukraine without experiencing Taras Shevchenko in some way, he’s everywhere. Here’s his contribution to Euro 2012.


4 wonderful minutes of Kyiv


Kyiv Live, a great time-lapse video of the city


I Didn’t Ask To Be Ukrainian I Just Got Lucky! – A ‘Discover Ukraine’ promo


This is the full official promo: “High time to see Ukraine”


Next we have the host city Lviv

Very short clip about the Lemberg Stadium Lviv


Welcome to Ukraine. Lviv. Euro 2012 [HQ]


UEFA‘s Lviv EURO 2012 Promo video


This one is worth watching just for the music!


...and Kharkiv 

The Stadium


The city


What they do when there’s no football


and finally, the formidable Donetsk


The expensive Donetsk promo for UEFA Euro-2012


The expensive stadium


Oh, and…

Yes, there’s even a happy EURO song!