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Budapest to the Black Sea: Day 9. Belgrade to Kovin.

Andreja was an excellent host and great company (as usual), but I’m afraid Belgrade didn’t win me over. Although I’m sure it is, it just doesn’t feel like a city with big plans or a city that opens itself up to the world. This is somewhat bizarre because ever since crossing the border into Serbia, I’ve had an endless stream of kindness, curiosity, warmness and genuine friendliness from the people I’ve met.

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Budapest to the Black Sea: Day 7. Novi Sad to Belgrade.

By 11:00am it was already 37.1 degrees celcius and we had just climbed a 2 kilometer hill out of Novi Sad. As usual we had no cover from the sun and today we had to compete with trucks, buses and cars which were also pumping hot exhaust fumes in our faces. It was everything bad about cycling.

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Budapest to the Black Sea: Day 8. Rest Day in Belgrade.

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