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Horny Nails

According to dictionary.com a nail is: ‘a thin, horny plate, consisting of modified epidermis, growing on the upper side of the end of a finger or toe.’

Ukrainian women have a special love for these ‘horny plates’ and you will find all kind of nails, manicures and forms of nail art in the streets of Kiev. Even the conductor of the bus takes care of her nails.

This is Yulia. She’s the ticket conductor on a local minibus and as you can see – she takes pride in her appearance.

These nails were shot at the nail art exhibition in Kiev last month. They might be the longest nails in Ukraine!

Checkout our gallery of nail art:

They say that first impressions count, and ahead of the European football championships this summer Ukraine’s female border guards have been given a glamorous makeover.

Female members of the passport control staff sat in the airport’s offices as hair dressers and make-up artists arranged their hair and make-up, and gave them beauty tips.

Glamorous border guards

Border guard press officer Maryana Markovich said:

“No wonder we are doing this master class in preparation for the Euro 2012. The experts are not only giving a present to all our girls before the 8th of March, but they are showing them how to look nice every day. So every traveller who come to the Boryspol Airport will see a beautiful Ukrainian border guard, and they will remember only the best about Ukraine,”

It’s unclear whether Ukraine’s male border guards will be given any such makeover, but passport control inspector Tetyana Vakarchuk said that she always tries to look her best for passengers coming to Ukraine.

With the tournament fast-approaching, the pressure is now on for Ukraine to show the world that its beauty is more than skin deep.


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