For anyone interested in Ukrainian politics (yeah, I know it’s a niche area), and anyone who is disappointed with their own national politics, this article provides a rare but interesting glimpse into the machinery that governs (or perhaps fails to govern) Europe’s largest country:

“…In order to insure there is no personal accountability for anything however, the old Soviet practice of vizirovanie, where any decree, protocol, draft law (whatever) requires dozens of signatures from within the Cabinet of Ministers administrative empire and from within often numerous ministries themselves, means no individual is responsibly for any single decision – and if the draft law, decree or protocol (whatever) is exceedingly dubious, or corrupt, or clearly promoting a vested interest, then delegate the signatory to the relevant ministry intern or administrative clerk to insure absolute deniability and unaccountability. The entire point is that lots of people can sit around in circles and all point the finger at each other, and also get a share of any nefarious cash on offer.

There is also the issue of the Verkhovna Rada committees.

The amount of behind the curtain horse trading to chair or have undue influence on certain committees defies belief. Those behind the curtain have much to gain from controlling committees or buying/renting enough MPs on those committees to either pass, fail, or forever stall legislation at the committee stage before it even reaches the Verkhovna Rada for a vote. Numerous committee meetings don’t take place because MPs designated to a committee simply don’t turn up in the required numbers to meet the “number present” protocol demands – with no disciplinary consequences…”