I forgot my phone yesterday and had to cycle without any internet. It was seriously boring.

However, I did manage to notch the training bike up to level 6 for 30 minutes which makes life considerably harder than level 5.

It’s now Friday and I managed to cycle for four out of the past five days, which isn’t a bad start – especially as I haven’t arrived home before 11:30pm all week.

Spring has been teasing us all week with spells of glorious sunshine, but winter is not going quietly and keeps chucking fits of snow at us.

I’m supposed to attend a conference this weekend on how Ukraine can ‘escape from its post-Soviet legacy’ which roughly translated means: how can a room full of nefarious millionaire (the Parliament/Rada) convince State employees who earn 70 USD a month not to take bribes or indulge in corrupt activities?

This task is made slightly more difficult by the fact that the State can only pay 70 USD because the room of thevies stole the rest.

Had Russia not invaded Crimea and started a war in Ukraine’s Eastern provinces, perhaps the revolution that was supposed to sweep the room of nefarious millionaires might have been more successful.

Perhaps that’s why they invaded?

Nonetheless, the problem remains and there are lots of good sessions on the agenda so it should be an interesting conference.

How I participate in that and enjoy the weekend sunshine or the various ‘retro’ festivals that are taking place this weekend is unclear. But I will try 🙂

Day 9:
60 minutes
346 calrories
10 miles.
Level 4/5/6