I woke-up on Saturday morning to the following message: 

“Hey Ian, me and Ruslana are going to the Kyiv color fest”, “wanna join us?”

I should have been looking for an apartment but curiosity won and I flicked open the Facebook page for the event. I couldn’t really understand what it was, but as it was only 20 minutes by metro from Maidan and the weather was good – so I agreed. 

Walking through Maidan on my way to the metro I passed busses of young riot police, guys carrying crates of Molotov cocktails, people trying to clean the place and at least two massive fires as the tent city went up in smoke. All adequately bonkers for a Saturday in central Kyiv. 

By the time I had arrived at ‘Ipodrom’ metro station, the everything had changed but it was no less bonkers. 

Sun + Music + Paint = The Kyiv Festival of Colour

I haven’t seen this many Ukrainians having this much fun for a long time. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean: