Ukraine – March 2012 (2) – Kharkov and the Gosprom

A series of posts/galleries of Ukrainian buildings/spaces.

Ukraine – March 2012 (2) – Kharkov and the Gosprom.

Much more from the series available here:

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I am currently studying with the Open College of the Arts for a BA in Photography. Part of the reason for the blog is to document what I am doing for the course, although I’ll also be using it for projects outside of it (photographs from the archive, anything else that I am interested in).

I did City and Guilds in film photography a few years back and have done some short courses, including T189 with the Open University, since.

My interests are mainly portraits, documentary, the good people of London, and architecture (anything big and concrete – Brutal – and ideally decayed).

Feel free to leave comments on posts or contact me, either through this blog (send me an email through the ‘contact me’ form) or through flickr (link to my account on the sidebar). I’m happy to work with other bloggers, websites, or anyone else, if it helps me build a portfolio.

I live in Hertfordshire and work in London.


National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine in Pirogovo/Pyrohiv


Social workers


  1. Hey. Thanks for re-blogging some of my shots. Best. Rob.

  2. Hey. Thanks for re-blogging some of my shots. Best. Rob.

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