1. I got the following email today from a ‘Hospitality Club’ member called David.

“Hello I bearder,
I am David from Kenya and I have a son called Ian. Please welcome and visit us in Nairobi – Kenya and we will host you with my family.
David N.”

It’s a tenuous link David but thanks for the offer – I’ll bare it in mind …although I can’t quite work out if you’re genuine or the nicest most indirect Kenya-finance-spammer I’ve ever heard from.

2. Baby Nova. The worlds most pathetic pint-sized pant washer

Here she is – all 2 centimetres of German washing power. So much machine for such a little wash load

On the subject of odd-sized things, on the Metro home tonight in Kiev there was a small girl, actually woman (she was about 20) just very small, not like a midget but small and she was drinking the biggest 3 or 4 litre carton of Orange juice I’ve ever seen. I don’t have a photo but imagine me drinking from a suitcase and you get the idea… quite strange.

3. Don’t look up

As the mega-freeze starts to melt here in Kiev, life has become doubly-dangerous. Whilst walking on the ice, you now run the risk of being impaled by falling ice javelins. Look-up and you’ll slip over, look down and you can take an icicle in the head. Nice. Tomorrow I will slide to work on my back.

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