I’ve successfully executed so many Torvill and Dean-esque ‘ice moves’ on the way to work this week, it’s a wonder that I’m not representing the UK in Vancouver!

Actually, I didn’t come here to complain but, whilst the following article is quite amusing (rightly or wrongly – everyone loves it when bad things happen to stupidly rich people) I also sighed with dispair after reading it: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8517272.stm

I mean, really – what the hell?
Who, except a complete and utter brain-dead moron (or the daughter of one) would travel with $6 million worth of jewels in their bag? and why? and who needs that amount of jewellery anyway? Maybe she exaggerated to grab headlines? or to try and impress her Oligarch friends? I don’t know but the sad thing is, given the insane wealth of some Ukrainians – it could be true, and that’s where it gets annoying.

I’m not complaining because I’m jealous (although I would like $6 million) but, I’m skating around Kiev because the city council (yes the one run by her father) can’t get its act together and perform even the most basic of City Council services like – clearing ice, snow, sludge and water from the city streets. In fact, the same City Council couldn’t even find the money to remove a flipping Christmas tree from the main square in Kiev!

Yet, whilst most Ukrainians are literally sliding around on their arses – Mr Cosmos’s daughter is swanning around Paris with $6 million in her bag!

The world is a messed-up place.

I suppose, at least this time it’s the rich being robbed not vice-versa. Maybe the attack was carried out by a Parisian ‘prince of thieves’ in red white and blue tights…

So, Mr Cosmos, maybe you’d like to ‘consult the moon’ and ask the fairies to clean Kontractova Polosha. If you do that, I’ll keep my eyes open for your daughters lost booty… deal?

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