My ‘block’

The C-c-c-c-old!

After whingeing on about the cold earlier in the winter, I feel like the ‘boy who cried wolf’ but, seriously – the last cold snap was nothing. If that cold was a wolf, then it was still a puppy and this weekend it just turned into a man-eating werewolf. It’s -20 something and set to hit -25 to -30 tomorrow. It beautiful to watch because it’s sunny and crystal clear but it ain’t funny once you’re out there. I (dressed in pants, long-johns, two pairs of sock, a t-shirt, shirt and jumper + big jacket and ridiculously large furry hat) attempted to go take pictures today and it went something like this

“whooooooooooahhhhh shiiiiiite”
“my cheeks!”
“fuck this” (yes, it’s necessary to swear)

…and then I aborted the mission and went back home, with some seriously rosie-cheeks and drank some tea. Oh, but I have learnt to walk like a Penguin. It’s the only way to stay on your feet in this weather. There’s no John Wayne style swaggering in Kiev these days – we’re all focused on the floor and waddling like arctic birds.

It’s so cold, the Dnipro River is frozen solid… so I went and stood on it 🙂

Ice Babushkas; the not-so-mythical ice maidens of Ukraine

It seems that the only people working to clear the snow here in Kiev are large tough-looking old ladies. Even at midnight on Christmas day they were at it!

Of course, I’m glad that, at least someone is making an effort but surely that’s a man’s job!? or better – a tractors job. Sending granny out to sweep the streets in sub zero temperatures seems a little harsh to me.

Maybe next year the city authorities will have a go.

I took this picture…

Then fell flat on back in the middle of the road and, in the process, took this picture

Ukrainian Optimism – The ‘Fast Tram’

Either Kiev city maps were written by tortoises or in doublespeak.

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