We don’t have these at home, just a panic button that anyone can jump-on, but here in Ukraine panic and escalator control are trusted to a single full-time employed escalator watcher.

Maybe this has something to do with the fact that Metros are so deep in Kiev that you actually pass through the core of the earth but, they sit in a little box at the bottom of the escalator and watch it.

As you’d expect, this isn’t exciting work and it shows on their face. I often wonder is they are actually awake or even alive or if they’ve slipped into unconsciousness with their eyes open. It must be possible to do and let’s face it they have plenty of time to try. I suppose it could be good work for philosophers. Maybe they are philosophers? They’re not bored, they’re just braining the worlds most complex problems. Bored looking future Shestovs

If want a taster of how boring this job must be you can waste 5 minutes watching this video BUT I warn you now, it’s five minutes of your life that you’ll never get back…

Be patient and you’ll see one of these ‘watchers’ at the end she’s there in her box. I wonder if it pays well?

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