In 2007 there were 9,481 road accident deaths in Ukraine . That’s just over 200 deaths per million and one of the highest death rates in Europe after Russia (1st place) and Lithuania (2nd).

I’ve driven in all three of these countries and the grim statistics are easy to beleive. Road and car safety aren’t exactly high and driver attitudes aren’t far behind. So, with those kinda statistics, you’d think that everyone wears a seatbelt right? Haha.. nooooo way. In fact, most of the time you can’t – the belt clip is missing or doesn’t work. I was even told NOT to wear mine in Belarus by a wild-eyed taxi driver who took it as an insult to his rally driving skills.

So, the ‘whatever happens will happen’ fatalism approach to life wins and 1000s of Ukrainians die prematurely as a result.

So when 100 people die from the recent swine flu outbreak in Ukraine – you’d think it would be shrugged off with the same fatalism, right? Oh noooo, that’s too logical. This is Ukraine. 100 people die of H1N1 or other flu like illnesses and politicians jump on the subject, cities and civilians get quarantined, fear takes hold and everyone drives around, WITHOUT a seatbelt but WITH a little white flu mask!

Some kids entering an art gallery in Kiev yesterday even had chemical-warfare style masks with air filters n’all. It’s amazing.

Now, its possible that the mask wearers are also the few sensible Ukrainians who wear seatbelts but, I doubt it. I also understand that, by not wearing a mask but insisting on a seatbelt I’m committing the same crime in reverse but I’m justifying this position (using Bearder logic) by comparing the statistics.

What’s more, if all the evidence in favour of the benefit of seatbelts was a blacked-out 4×4 …the evidence in favour of the ‘benefits’ of flu masks would be a red and white painted Micro Machine

Ukrainians… ditch the masks and belt-up. For your own sakes.


PS, I understand that I’ve tempted fate now but if I’m struck down and die from swine related complications because I didn’t wear a little mask …please use my fortune to pay for a road saftey ad in the Kiev Post.

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