…or, at least it would appear that way as my Moldovan Internet cafe doesn’t serve-up Facebook 🙁

How am I supposed to check is any one’s ‘tagged me’ in a compromising photo?
How can I live not knowing who’s completed a shit quiz or received an online pet??


Anyway, until my face starts working again please use old-school email or text me on my posh new Moldovan mobile number: +373…. oh, it appears that I threw the number away 🙁 email me – ian at bearder.com, it’s the best way.

BTW, So far as I can tell, it’s business as usual in Chisinau. No rioting this afternoon.


PS, assumptions made in this post are exactly that – assumptions. I have no proof whatsoever that the facebook failure is a communist conspiracy or that my friends are involved with shit quizzes. It just appears this way

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