Pete, in HD at the Carlsberg brewery, Copenhagen – Denmark.

Also, for those who don’t already know, I’m back home now, earlier than planned in sunny Oxford. I didn’t make it to Belarus and this is a big big disapointment but the rest of the trip was fantastic. The road-trip was so much fun, led us to places I’ve never seen before and taught me all sorts of things about the people and places on route. Russia was an experience I’ll never forget and although it screwed up the rest of my planned trip (back to Moscow and then onto Belarus) it did leave me with two extra weeks in the Baltics which seriously won me over. Lithuania may still be finding it’s feet after so many years of Soviet control but, spend some time there and you can find a small but varied country with beaches, lakes, national parks, picturesque cities and friendly, smart, talkative and basketball-crazy locals. They may have the most tounge-twisting way of saying ‘cheers’ (į sveikatą) but the beer is good and eating out wont cost you the earth either.

OK, it’s not perfect, we did get robbed after all (requiring my second trip to a shady police station) and a tree I was sitting next to (a big park size tree) collapsed of no reason but, I survived and definately hope to go back soon. If nothing else, to see Ieva again and to party once more in a nuclear bunker.

Ieva, Rebeka and Moi

More photos here and here.

Now it’s time to look for a J…O…B. Hmmmm

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