OK, I’m officially back here. I’m actually in Vilnius but you know what I mean. We spent the week at Palanga on the Lithuanian coast and it was great fun. There’s a real fun vibe in Palanga and our 3 new Lithuanian friends Gaga, GooGoo and GiGi made Palanga a trip to remember – so we owe them a big ‘Achew’ (probably spelt incorrectly) which sounds like a sneeze and means thank-you. Yesterday (Friday) we hired a car to get to Vilnius and stopped an an abandoned soviet nuclear missile site which, hiddeb from the Lithuanian people) was home to an arsenal of nukes that could’ve wiped most of Europe off the face of the planet. It’s interesting, unnerving and mildly disturbing standing down there. We stopped at the equally strange ‘Hill of crosses’ on the way (my second visit) and made it to Vilnius late last night. If all goes well I’ll be in Minsk early next week.

Jens, Gaga, me and GooGoo

Oh, we also had some stuff stolen in Palanga (from our room whilst we were in there asleep) which required another trip to a dodgy soviet-style police station. Thankfully, this time I wasnt incacerated. We did hire a red, peadle-powered go-cart to get there though which was quite amusing. We parked up right-outside forcing all the cop cars to park around us.

Ever wondered what nuclear missle homes look like?

More pictures over here

OK, time for laundry or I’m gonna get a reputation for being stinky…


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