…but this isn’t a road blog anymore 🙁

It’s a foot blog 🙂

However, all is well, we made it to our final destination and we’re currently enjoying sunny days in the Latvian capital – Riga.

What happened in Russia? Well, it’s a long story (and best explained using lots of expletives) but, the basics are – the car got impounded, we got a Russian style wrist-slapping and the language barrier made fixing things near impossible.

So, with the legal formalities complete (we hope) we took our stuff and came to Latvia minus the car. It’s a little disappointing as we did indeed loose the furry dice however, as far as we know everything else was resolved and looking back it was quite an experience. We also had a huge amount of help from the Russian people we met and, without exception they were friendly, helpful and generally great.

If your planning a trip just make sure you know which forms you require and leave the car at home.

We spent the day exploring Riga yesterday and since the sun is shining today – we’re off to the beach for some much needed R and R.

Pete leaves for the UK tomorrow and (as usual) I haven’t got anything planned beyond that. I’m sure we’ll both find time for a concluding blog rant in the near future.

Ian and Pete

PS, our you’ll be pleased to hear our faces have almost returned to normal now.
PPS, the odd-shaped toilet thing is for being sick in. I kid you not….