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PDF Haynes Manual – Rover 214

You can even get PDF versions of the Haynes workshop manual for the Rover 214, all we need to do now is work out how to drain £50 worth of petrol and fix the leak! I bet there isn’t a section on sucking fuel through a hose!!!

Wake up and smell the… er, petrol.

Well, I guess it had to happen. It’s just days since Pete’s pixelated picture of 1’s illuminated our screens and phrase “we’re on!” boomed from Pete’s typing fingers and the problems have started. I haven’t been fully briefed on the situation but it appears we have a leak …in the petrol tank!. Thankfully, Sarah (who kindly filled the car up for us) didn’t go off like a Bomb Dog.

SO, it looks like we have some work to do on Saturday.

Anyway, whilst Pete wraps his lips round a syphon tube, I’m gonna seize the chance to submit my top 16 driving tunes. Choosing 10 is simply not possible, in fact, I only stopped at 16 because I’ve sat on my foot too long and can’t feel it. So without further petroleum leakage – here they are:

OK, there are many many (way too many) good driving tunes out there but my first choice band make ’em better than most. To be honest the whole album is probably the single best driving album ever written. Whats more, we walked past the lead singer in Istanbul last year. So I’ll kick off with…

Smashing Pumpkins and Cherub Rock.

Then slow it down and tap the steering wheel a little with a classic from…

The Doors. LA Woman

Before leaving in a blaze of flames (quite literally if we don’t get the petrol tank sorted) with any of the rest of these…

Kula Shaker. Hey Dude
Supergrass. Tales of Endurance
Bush. Machine Head
Pear Jam. Once
Jimmy eat World. A Praise Chorus
Franz Ferdinand. Jacqueline
Stone Temple Pilots. Vasoline
Marylin Manson. Beautiful People
Foo Fighters. All My Life
Gomez. Detroit Swing 66
Stereophonics. Dakota ‘the’ anthem from our road-trips round Slovenia last year.
The Prodigy. Breath
Turin Brakes. Last Chance

Mr Ian Bearder

A Binary Sign

Driving Rover home tonight from work the odometer rolled round to 111111. The geeky and/or knowledgeable among you will know that in binary a 1 equals on (as apposed to a 0 equalling off), therefore I think it is fair to say we are officially on!

25 days til ingnition, and I for one can’t wait.

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