On Thursday the replacement hook bolts arrived so Ian and I spent the evening putting the petrol tank back on. We had a really productive evening and were chuffed that everything went well. We only had about 1/3 of a tank of petrol in cans so the final test of our handy work would have to wait until I could get to the petrol station.

On Friday I filled the car with fuel on the way home, and honestly thought that everything was fine. However upon return home I was greeted by the strong whiff of petrol around the rear of the car. On closer inspection I could see that petrol was actually dripping out at quite a rate. So out came the syphon tube again and we decanted the entire tank of fuel in to various receptacles. Sarah managed to gather up quite a few containers from the neighbours. It was such an impressive array I thought it worthy of a photo.

This afternoon I once again removed the fuel tank and this time set about a few scientific tests to find the leak, which involved talc, a screwdriver, a wire brush and a bit of petrol that was left in the tank. After a bit of time I managed to find three tiny pin prick size holes on the tank. After a bit of a clean up and a helping of chemical metal, the holes seem to be patched. However saying that I will reserve judgment until I fill up with fuel again tomorrow.

For the record: I have now officially consumed 2 pints of petrol, do not smoke anywhere near me for the next two weeks.