Well after a long hard slog yesterday evening I managed to get the fuel tank off the Rover 214.

In the process I managed to drink at least a pint of petrol. On a plus point however Sarah and I did manage to get about five gallons into suitable containers, which in this economic climate is about 5 million quids worth (or there abouts).

Currently the car is still up on axel stands, the leak has been fixed (hopefully) and all surface rust removed. Today for good measure Sarah gave the tank a coat of Hammerite and it is looking pretty good.

Unfortunately in the process of getting it off the car I had to cut the two hook bolts that mount the tank. So we now have to wait for new ones to arrive in the post.

Total cost for this repair:
£2.50 WD40 (and trust me I used tonnes)
£2 Jubilee clips
£10 2x Hook Bolts

I’ll update once the tank is back on