Oxford to Riga. The long, blonde, Russian way round.

I know it didn’t take long to come up with another plan but this time it’s no thanks to a picture of a bunker or a twenty pound bet – it’s due to the persistent (and somewhat intrepid) desire of a man called Peter Addison. The desire to drive a banger (colloquial English for an old and cheap or ‘shit’ car) as far as possible to a foreign land. His first trip was a ridiculous 5000 miles to Uzbekistan on the London-Tashkent rally and the next (on which I’d bravely offered to join him) was due to take us to Timbuktu in December.

However, a few weeks ago, whilst Sarah (Pete’s long suffering wife, previous co-pilot and fine chef) cooked a wonderful curry, Pete and myself put many facts, figures, hopes, plans and stupid ideas into a big trip-calculator and cooked up this:

Oxford to Riga via Russia, through the middle of Scandinavia, in a banger and for almost nothing.

Behold Route V1.jpg

Who?: Me and Pete
When?: The first two weeks of July
Where?: See the map
Why?: There are many reason but, for brevity ‘Why not?’
What?: I’m asking myself the same question.
How?: Well, the details are yet to come (it’s only v1 of the .jpg for Christ’s sake) but the ‘for next to nothing’ bit requires the help and hospitality of the fine and friendly members of www.hospitalityclub.org.

Expect further news as we dream it up.