We missed our 6am bus to Albania this morning (largely because we we’re told it left at 7am) and so we’re still in Montenegro. However, if all goes well, we’ll be on the 1pm bus to Skroder and then onto the costal town of Durres.

I’m not sure how to spell the name of the town we’re in but, it sounds like

There’s not much else to report as we’ve mostly been exploring ‘small beach’ (which should be called ‘worlds dirtiest beach’) and ‘large beach’ which is also called Miami Beach. Miami beach was much better. We’ve also been hanging out with Jon, a good lad from Spain and eating ‘kebaps’.

Oh, I also forgot to mention and thank Tim our Kosovan friend who took us for a beer in Pristina. Another HC member, he went out of his way to meet us, answer our onslaught of questions and show us what’s cool in Pristina. Cheers Tim – it was much appreciated.

I’ll try and write from Albania


Oh, and thanks to a little shitty Montenegran wasp, I have one very large, funny looking elephant foot.

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