“You are 1978 man” said the receptionist at our hostel.
“I am cave man” said one of the 65 carpet sellers we spoke to today.
“Why you have no hair?” asked THREE differnt Turks today! I might wear a wig tomorrow.
“You are a beutiful girl – I give your dad five thousand camels” a travel agent said to Ajda. Definately worth some consideration.

Anyway, I’m back on dry land in Istanbul. Our 2 day ferry from Odessa (Ukraine) was fun and we met a bunch of people from Moldova, Ukraine, Syria, France, England, Canada and Turkey – quite a random lot. We shared a cabin with Yulia from Ukraine and a Moldovan grandmother who managed to befriended the entire ship in just two days. They were both great.

We hit the disco bar last night so we all rolled off looking a little green and we’ve all been having serious land-sickness problems today which is a new experience. It feels like you’re still at sea and I keep going wobbly.

I haven’t seen much of it but Instanbul is an incredible and large (16+ million people – that’s 8 times the population of Slovenia) city and we have a busy schedule before we catch a night train to Bulgaria on Wednesday.

To our amusement, Bruce (one of the guys we met on the boat) just found a bottle of wine called Dikmen. Nice. It’s not as funny as this guy‘s name though.

Our hostel looks out over the Blue Mosque. Not a bad view.

Oh, and apologies to everyone for not emailing – I’ll do it soon, honest.

Big, 1978 man Eddy

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A tribute to Bingo and Shakespear



  1. The blue temple clearly isnt blue

  2. The blue temple clearly isnt blue

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