I think Paul Weller wrote ‘Changing man’ in Slovenia.

This week I lost my wallet (again) my car started making loud ticking noises from the engine and 2 of my already small number of lessons were cancelled.

However, old trusty (my 11 year old freebie wallet) came back to daddy, one of my students pointed out that my exhaust has fallen off the first cylinder of my engine (thus causing the loud noise) and I acquired 4 additional lessons. I’ve also been treated to lunch at Neja’s parents in a small village outside Lj and had dinner with Silvia and Danielle in Italy. So, I mustn’t grumble.

Actually, bollocks – I am going to grumble. I was just queuing to buy a paper at the kiosk in town and when I got to the front the man behind me shouted his order and was promptly served – before me. That’s a sure fire way to annoy an Englishman. Another dead cert is to beep your horn loudly for no apparent reason which, seems to happen at least 3 times during any single journey. Can’t they see I’ve no wing mirror, I’m sat on the wrong (the right) side and my car is making a funny noise? eh?

OK, rant over. It’s Friday – time to start smiling again.

Werd up


PS, My favourite Slovene word this week is ‘Skuter’ which means… yes, you guessed it – scooter.

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