OK, still no pictures as it says there were “errors” however, I thought I’d take the time to write some sblurb about the last week. Firstly, I’ve been teaching everyday well, in the sort of way you imagen a guy who doesn’t know English grammar and can’t teach would teach but, you’ll be pleased to hear that I passed the week and the students haven’t felt the need to attack me yet. Actually, I got a round of applause on Thursday and then deadly silence on Friday so I’m not sure how to take that.

Come the weekend we (me, three English guys, two yanks and a Slovene) naturally felt the need to relax, eat a big steak, drink Lasko and dance in a strange club called Orto. Then on Saturday I recovered with a little TLC Italian style and joined Silvia, Danielle and friends in Italy for pizza, pasta, numerous coffees, a (1300 mile overdue) car wash and even a real life view of I talian road rage, fist-fight and mild public disorder with lots of Italian shouting! All very good fun. Thanks S & D – I’ll deffo be back before long.

Ok, I think thats it – other than the fact that it’s stupidly warm and sunny here, driving with no traffic jams is great (but toll roads when your on the wrong side of the car is a pain in the arse) and burek still tastes good.

This week I will mostly be learning grammar.

Ciao ciao


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