You’ll be pleased to hear that I survived the New Years hangover which put an end to my previous update and I’ve made it home without skidding off a runway.

Anyway, as it’s just 2 weeks until I say Goodbye Oxford and Dober Dan’ Slovenia, expect to see a few more posts coming your way as I try to record the transition from grammatically challenged IT bod to a linguistically fluent teacher of English.

Oh, and finally, I’ve added a few videos to the video page from European country number 40 (six left) – Portugal.


PS, Portugal gets the much sought-after Eddy seal of approval with bonus marks for the locals for being so relaxed and friendly. If you’re ever in Lisbon, stay at the Travellers House It’s possibly the best hostel in Europe, if not the world …and I’ve stayed in a few!

You don’t get rooms like this in many hostels!

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