I’m back, back again in my second home and the sun is shining. It’s freezing but the sun is shining.

It’s actually nice to be here again because I can relax now. Since leaving Luxembourg on Thursday I’ve spent two days and one very long night in Zurich and two days in Vaduz (population 5000) the tiny capital of Liechenstien.

I’ve seen she chic, beautiful and expensive in Zurich, the even more I’ve seen she chic, beautiful and expensive in Liechenstien and lots and lots of snow! Leaving via Austria I’ve also enjoyed 5 long train journeys and numerous buses. However, learning from my last 9 hour trip to Slovenia with no food or entertainment I stocked up this time and managed to complete the day Vinci Code in just two days.

I’ve also met, a Norwegian student, a trainee Barrister, a Mexican, 3 Canadians, 4 Australian nurses, 2 Zurich party animals, an Australian, a Kiwi, 2 Chinese chefs,a Thai waitress and one American called Matt. Yesterday I brought the Financial Times from a miserable guy dressed in a complete traditional Austrian outfit. I also been asked (by a girl I should add) if I was a giggalo! Seriously, WTF? uh?

Anyway, If you are looking for a party town and you have a cool Million euros I recommend Zurich. If your looking for nothing, apart from mountains I recommend Liechenstien.

Many people ask if I ever get bored traveling alone and the last week has reminded me, in style why I always answer – No.

Put it more eloquently…

“Taking a solo trip around the world is like having a fresh, new start to your life every day. No one knows you. No one knows where you’ve been. No one knows where you are going. And no one cares.”

“The danger of an adventure is worth a thousand days of ease and comfort”

Time for lunch…

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